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Theta by LunarTwilight117 Theta :iconlunartwilight117:LunarTwilight117 3 2
Circus of Freaks Ch.4
       "Wake up, Omega! It's our day off!"
Ugh. Omega tried to sit up in his bed, but something prevented him from moving. Looking up, Tau was sitting on his chest, smiling. "What the devil are you doing here? And how did I end up back in my trailer? I distinctly remember falling asleep in a tree, because I punched a
The belly dancer leaned back (near an uncomfortable space of Omega's body) and asked, "You punched a squirrel? Why?" Omega cracked his neck and replied, "Because they are annoying creatures that resemble rats with huge tails. Also, get your bejeweled arse off of me or you'll find a flaming torch in your hair when you dance."
Tau quickly hopped off and strode Omega's closet of clothes. "Anyways, about how you got here. I got Theta's dogs to sniff you out and take you home. And I came in here to wake you up. Because you sleep in soooo late and I wanted you to enjoy your day off!" The red head retorted, "It's not even a day off! W
:iconlunartwilight117:LunarTwilight117 1 0
Circus of Freaks Ch.3
Morning light soon filled the brightly colored tents of the troupe. The "normal" circus got an official break, letting the members go out and relax or prep for the night's show. But the freaks got the closest to a break for them; being let out of the late night shows into the day showings.
It wasn't glamorous. It was in fact, very ordinary. A normal side show. Well, if you glanced faraway. But these men and women, boys and girls, were not ordinary. They were misfits. They were deformed. They were, most importantly, different.
So it was no surprise when the normal everyday goers went along to the circus and got a shock. Where were the sword swallowers? The acrobats? The hypnotists? No, they were gone for now. The oddballs were the replacements. Seeing the most hideous would prepare the eyes to meet a much softer and more appealing side of the Circo de Invitis.
     The first cage had a woman with intricate paintings and makeup all over her body. Nothing special.
:iconlunartwilight117:LunarTwilight117 1 1
Adventure Time Copy Cat by LunarTwilight117 Adventure Time Copy Cat :iconlunartwilight117:LunarTwilight117 4 5 Squishy Cuddle by LunarTwilight117 Squishy Cuddle :iconlunartwilight117:LunarTwilight117 1 2 Squishy Charge by LunarTwilight117 Squishy Charge :iconlunartwilight117:LunarTwilight117 1 0
Circus of Freaks Ch 2
Omega coughed and drank down his bitter medicine. Disgusting thing. If it was made by Sigma, I'd never drink the entire-"You'll need to drink the whole thing if you're ever going to get better fast enough for the next show tomorrow night."
Damn it.
Omega sneered at Sigma and shook his head. "I will not force this sludge down my throat. If this is a remedy, I'd hate to see what poisons you cook up." Sigma raised his eyebrows and said, "Poisons? Dude, I'm no witch. I just know my way around herbal mixes. But it doesn't take a genius to put peppers into your next drink when those swords stuck in your throat become a problem and you come running to me." Omega frowned and sipped the rest of the strong drink, letting it down his throat in a warm slither. He gave a shudder and laid the mug down.
"Sigma, I saw you mingling with one of the constant watchers of our little circus. Maine, I believe his name is.  What, getting to know the ones who make fun of us? Doesn't seem like somethi
:iconlunartwilight117:LunarTwilight117 1 0
Circus of Freaks Ch 1
A whisper out in the crowded streets. "Come see our show." A handful of people hear the soft voice and are beckoned by curiousity to follow its source. An armful don't even heed it and keep on walking. No one wants to see a show that uses a person with such a small voice to advertise.
     But some, they want to differ from normal routines. Adventurous, some may say. Stupid, others reply. Either way, people still go to see the show. There are more people there to watch than any of them expected.
Buying their own tickets, they each go their own way. To the trapeze walkers, the sword swallowers, the magicians, and the freaks.
Aren't they always drawn to the freaks in the circus?
The one with two heads, the one with a horn sticking out of their head, the one with three arms. People are just drawn to other different ones. They all gather 'round and laugh, or stare in awe of their deformities. Some are just seen to be humiliated, such as when rotten fruit is thrown
:iconlunartwilight117:LunarTwilight117 1 0
W.I.P Red Queen Closeup by LunarTwilight117 W.I.P Red Queen Closeup :iconlunartwilight117:LunarTwilight117 0 4 Alice by LunarTwilight117 Alice :iconlunartwilight117:LunarTwilight117 5 0 Butterfly Radio by LunarTwilight117 Butterfly Radio :iconlunartwilight117:LunarTwilight117 0 3 Pandashka by LunarTwilight117 Pandashka :iconlunartwilight117:LunarTwilight117 2 6 Dead Space Oodles of Doodles by LunarTwilight117 Dead Space Oodles of Doodles :iconlunartwilight117:LunarTwilight117 1 0 Tex and Wyoming by LunarTwilight117 Tex and Wyoming :iconlunartwilight117:LunarTwilight117 3 7 Alice, Madness Returns by LunarTwilight117 Alice, Madness Returns :iconlunartwilight117:LunarTwilight117 2 0 Wyoming...Queen. What. by LunarTwilight117 Wyoming...Queen. What. :iconlunartwilight117:LunarTwilight117 3 5


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Well, I think I should change that sometime. I have a tumblr now, so I'm spending more time on there while trying to figure out how to make Circus of Freaks less boring and make more art. I keep forgetting to upload stuff on here, so I end up just posting on Tumblr and leaving it like that. Because I am lazy and I need to go fix a drawing of Toby Turner, I'll post those tonight.

Plus I got into Douglas Anderson and went through Orientation yesterday. Also got lost on school grounds trying to find my locker. Oh, high school, how interesting it'll be to walk on school grounds trying to not get lost and use a map.


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I like laid back people who enjoy at least two or three things in common with me because they're fun and nice to be around. I don't like overly intellectual pricks that hate things just because they can because those are the demons of the internet and should be treated as such.

My favorite Deviants are my friends Violent-Medic, Alice13th, umbreonnamedangel, Darkhalf-breed, Lost-Angel27, and strobelightwolf. Be sure to check them out. :worship:



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